Ron and Niamh's Special Day

Hi all, 


We’re back with another blog post. This week, we’re talking about a rather special wedding that Joe had the opportunity to photograph last month. As you could probably guess, working in a family business that spans three generations brings with it a lot of wonderful moments, and Ron and Niamh’s wedding was no exception. They had a special touch to their day which was an honour to be a part of - Ron and Niamh had their wedding in the beautiful Porterstown Church, where Niamh’s parents, John and Regina, also had their wedding which Joe’s father, Frank, photographed 30 years ago! 


 Luckily, the weather was perfect on the day which put smiles on everyone’s faces and Joe was able to get some beautiful photographs. In fact, he managed to get the same photograph of Ron and Niamh coming down the aisle in Porterstown Church, as his father did of Niamh’s parents of all those years ago! The bride and groom brought this picture with them on the day and displayed it proudly along with Ron’s parents’ wedding photograph for all to see at the reception. This gave a great personal touch to their wedding, and really added to the specialness of the day.  Joe and his father Frank worked in the studio together along with Joe’s brothers and sisters for many years, and as you can see from the pictures below, it’s clear he had some great training - Frank’s photography has stood the test of time. 


All in all, Ron and Niamh enjoyed their day immensely, surrounded by their nearest and dearest family and friends.  Porterstown Church and Ballymagarvey Village made wonderful backdrops for their day, and also made for some gorgeous photographs that we hope the bride and groom will treasure forever. We would like to thank Ron and Niamh and their family for once again choosing Frank Gavin Photography and allowing us to be a part of their day. We would also like to wish the bride and groom many, many years of happiness to come! 

See you all again soon!

- Sophie

(P.S. - See below for more photographs of the day!) 

7-06-01 News - Photography by Joe Gavin @ Frank Gavin Photography, Dublin