Brand New Product - Acrylic Blocks

Brand new to Frank Gavin Photography - Beautiful, high quality acrylic blocks!

Here at Frank Gavin Photography we always love to keep you up to date with any new promotions or products we have to offer. This week, we are delighted to tell you about our fantastic new product that we just got in store - beautiful, acrylic photo blocks! They come gorgeously presented in neat black boxes with red ribbon around them, and would make for wonderful gifts, (especially for grandparents!) So, without further ado, I'll tell you all about them! 

        These guys are super high quality, and can be presented in a portrait or landscape position, its entirely up to yourself!  They come in sizes 6x4 or 5x7, but can be ordered in bigger sizes if needs be. In the smaller sizes, they work beautifully when placed in groups or pairs - a very elegant, unique piece that would spruce up any mantlepiece or coffee table! They have a very modern 3D effect, meaning the picture can be viewed at different angles, plus they have a beautiful velvet finish at the back. In my opinion, full colour photographs work best with these acrylic blocks, but of course your picture can be printed in black and white if you wish! Children's photographs look so wonderful and fun in these blocks, and are a great alternative to the more traditional frame. They are so different than anything we've had before here at Frank Gavin's and  we are so excited to bring them to you!       

The wonderfully presented and high quality acrylic blocks retail at €55 each - however to celebrate the arrival of our new products, we've a special promotion at the moment where if you buy two you can get them both for only €100! As I mentioned above, these products would make for a very special gift to someone you love, or to decorate your own home. They are high quality, beautifully finished and look equally great both in groups or as stand alone statement pieces. 

Feel free to drop in store and see them for yourself - we hope you love them as much as we do!

        See you next week,


PS: Check out our other made to order acrylic pieces - they can be designed with as much or as little photographs as you like, in whatever combination you like, so they're entirely one of a kind and personal to you!